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Your persona is the image of yourself that you project to the world and your social network. It’s kind of like an “avatar” on a computer. You project this image of who you are through the clothes you wear, your style, the jewelry and bling you put on, and through sheer force of your personality.

All it takes is for you to learn how to understand their way of thinking to understand them. You don’t have to BE a pet hamster to understand that he just loves chewing and running on that wheel in his cage. So you give him things to chew on, and give him a nice wheel.

So, just how did the festival of Lupercalia become St. Valentine’s Day? Well, by the year 469, Christianity had a pretty strong foothold and was working to replace pagan festivals with others more acceptable to Christianity. Pope Gelasius, it seems, was not fond of the lottery of a sexual companion that was part of the Festival of Lepercalia. So, he replaced the festival with St. Valentines Day. Many were very disappointed when the lottery was replaced by one of a very different sort. A lottery of the Saints was instituted and the men would now draw to get a Saint’s name and then emulate the Saint for the year. Popular as getting a woman for the year? Doubtful…

Before we begin I would like to reiterate the above rule because I can’t stress it enough. You will never be able to PR something if it does say something worth saying.

Women want to do the nasty just as much as guys do. In fact, they get even more pleasure than we do, so they enjoy it more. The only difference is that women have better control over their desire than guys do. This stems from a time when women had to be VERY careful who she mated with, because she had to be sure she knew he was worth gambling her children’s future – and her own – with. If he couldn’t provide for her, she’d be in an incredibly difficult position.

Fiction entertains without expectation. Fiction gives grace and space from the workday world. We can and do enjoy a mini-vacation with a pal who doesn’t expect us to do anything but sit back and have fun. Readers define fun in many fiction genres from science and fantasy to sweet call girls in thane, but that’s just the point.

It’s rare to find a middle-grade novel these days with an adult main character. Children like to read about characters who see the world from a perspective similar to their own. They like characters who are their age or perhaps just a few years older (so they can take bigger risks) and who have similar if slightly bigger problems.

For snail-mail submissions, the same holds true. Keep your cover letter professional. Resist the temptation to print your manuscript on pink or green or any-color-but-white paper so that it stands out. Blinding the judges with florescent paper will get you noticed, but not in the way you hope. And please, do not send chocolate with your entry. Judges cannot be bribed (at least not that way) and there’s a high probability your little treat will melt and smear all over your pages long before it reaches its destination. Your pristine manuscript and your crisp, smart writing are all the treats the judges need.

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Make A Guy Fall In Love – Live Happily Ever After

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