How To Earn His Love – More Valuable Than A 401K

Dating can be difficult; you want love, romance, marriage; you want to make him commit and stick to it. But how? Should you just be yourself? Should you pretend that you are rich? Should you give him things? What is the best dating advice? Really, how can you make him commit?

3: Write a small verse on a blank card. Do not worry if you are not good at this. It does not have to rhyme. Keep it simple. Focus on something you love about your girlfriend. For instance the way she smiles or the color of her eyes.

1: Send her a single red rose – this is more romantic than a whole bunch of flowers. Write something simple but romantic on the card and keep it short. ‘Miss You’ or ‘My Heart Bleeds’ and then your name – always keep it short and romantic.

First line – Does it grab the reader? Is it unique? Judges will probably read a lot of entries that start like this: Jane Doe hated Mondays. Or Jane Doe stepped off the train. Writers love to start with the main character’s full name, particularly in the xdubai nights genre. Why not offer something different?

Quick tip: Facebook is also a great tool for this – I just ran a quick search for ‘photographer’ and ‘photography’ and came up with 62,000 results. I’m in London today so I pinged in London and filtered down to over 500 people, finding out that a number had mutual friends. You might ask to see a portfolio from them and perhaps get introduced through a friend.

Kids are so easy to please. Giving a gift basket to a child is a fun idea. Most people don’t think of it, but kids love getting a big basket full of goodies! Then again, who doesn’t? The idea is to target the age group and shop for it. What a kid likes when he or she is 3 years old will contrast what they enjoy playing with when they’re 5. Some kids like going to the zoo, so a few tickets and a promise to go take them to the zoo is a great basket stuffer. Stay way from things like candy, clothing (and alcohol). Once again remember to get creative, and remember, kids are easy to please!

Carpe Diem: Seize the Day and have fun as graduation approaches. Just do it in a way that does not result in injury, death, or the ruination of your life.

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How To Earn His Love – More Valuable Than A 401K

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